Our clients are our Champions. We work with many different types of clients: busy corporate executives who need to maximize effectiveness and efficiency; homemakers juggling work and kid’s school schedules; high school, collegiate and professional athletes who need specialized athletic conditioning for sports such as golf, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football and others; retirees and senior citizens who need functional training to maximize their ability to enjoy a variety of activities of daily living; clients with special medical conditions; recreational athletes; complete “non-athletes”; clients who are extremely fit and participate in a wide variety of activities; clients who have never exercised before; and many others in between. We are very proud of all of our clients and consider all of them ONE TO ONE CHAMPIONS.

Let us introduce you to just a few ONE TO ONE CHAMPIONS.
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Become one of our Champions! Try us out with no obligation to continue.  Complete the form so we can tell you more about our two-session trial and answer any questions that you may have. We believe that our sincere desire to help our clients, along with our expertise and the tremendously high caliber of our service (which you will have experienced), will all sell themselves. Our hope is that you will allow us to continue training you and that you will become another of our highly valued and appreciated clients.

Neill Blue - One to One Fitness Center

Neill Blue

Natalie Larkin - One To One Champion

One To One Champion: Natalie Larkin

Ryan Norton - One To One Champions

Ryan Norton

Stan Collender - One To One Champions

Stan Collender

Donna Butts - One To One Champions

Donna Butts

Carlyn Baldwin - One To One Champions

Carlyn Baldwin

Jean Card - One To One Champions

Jean Card

Allison Hahn - One To One Champions

Allison Hahn

John Ogolo & Brandon Altman - One To One Champions

John Ogolo & Brandon Altman

Brent Scowcroft - One To One Champions

Brent Scowcroft

Bob Litt - One To One Champions

Bob Litt

One to One Fitness Max FAQ

Camron Saba

Richard H. Bradley - One To One Champions

Richard H. Bradley

Michelle Burtis - One To One Champions

Michelle Burtis

Rick Barnett - One To One Champions

Rick Barnett

Karl Maxwell - One To One Champions

Karl Maxwell

Goals, Life Circumstances and Priorities - One To One Blog

Ed Brown

Paul Khoury - One To One Champions

Paul Khoury