Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft (USAF Retired) served as National Security Advisor to both President Gerald Ford and President George H.W. Bush, and is now the President of The Scowcroft Group, a premier international business advisory firm based in Washington, DC.  Having graduated from West Point and having served in the military for 29 years, physical fitness has certainly been an integral part of Brent’s life. Brent has been a 1TO1 client for nearly 20 years and, at 90 years young and still going strong, Brent is the ultimate example of how exercise and a healthy lifestyle contributes to a sharp mind, strong body, and immortal soul.

Here’s what Brent has to say about his 1TO1 training:

“I like the fact that it is personal and geared to my abilities as well as addressing any physical concerns I may have. On any given day, I may be coming off a tiring trip or have a knee that is acting up and my trainer not only adjusts my exercises to address my overall wellbeing but also is well versed in recommending particular exercises that can improve or remedy sore muscles or joints.

I have been with 1TO1 for almost 20 years. I truly attribute my physical vitality at 90 to 1TO1. If I did not know that I had my personal trainer waiting for me three times a week, I highly doubt I would have kept up this essential exercise program. My trainers have helped to keep me active, flexible, toned and balanced. When I initially started, I went in to learn how to properly use free weights. I quickly found out that there were a number of exercises that I was not doing properly that could have been harmful. I now have a balanced routine that is varied to achieve my goals and a highly trained professional that ensures I meet those goals without doing any damage.”

Brent, thank you for attributing your physical vitality to us, but the credit belongs exclusively to you! We thank you for your service to our country, for allowing us to be part of your life and your commitment to health and fitness, and for being an incredible inspiration to us all!