1TO1 Champions come in all shapes and sizes. Camron has been training at 1TO1 since he was nine years old, and we could not be more proud of him. Camron was born with a condition that affected his strength and balance, and when he first started training could only walk with the use of a walker. Camron is now a high school junior and not only walks independently, but has completed a 5K and can do over 20 pushups and 8 pullups! He has also participated on crew team, rides horses, can bear-crawl across the gym and back, and we have no doubt that he will accomplish anything else that he sets his mind to! While Camron’s progress has been nothing short of amazing, he deserves Champion status for even more impressive reasons. We have no client who is more disciplined than Camron – he never wants to miss a workout, always gives 100%, and, most impressively, always comes to the gym with an incredibly positive attitude and a fun-loving smile. What more could his personal trainers ever ask for?