Richard is Executive Director of the DowntownDC BID (Business Improvement District) and a 1TO1 Champion who trains at our Metro Center location (555 13th Street, NW).

Here’s what Rich told us about his 1TO1 experience:

“As a former college athlete, with an aging jock body but a youthful spirit, which also included a degenerative disk in my back, I came to 1TO1 7 years ago with the intention of maintaining my strength and flexibility.  Happily, after the first three months, not only was I back in good shape but I also had shed the back pain I was getting when I played golf or mulched the garden. I very much appreciate the professionalism, the understanding of the body, and the good companionship of all the trainers.  In particular I like the opportunity to work out with different trainers, who while sharing a general approach, have slightly different styles and make different demands.  It feels like I am being cross-trained and I like the variation.”

 Keep up the great work Rich, and keep your “youthful spirit.” It makes you a pleasure for us to train.