Allison was a multi-sport athlete at James Madison High School who went on to play four years of lacrosse at the University of Delaware. Allison trained at 1TO1 throughout high school and college. The James Madison High School state champion girl’s lacrosse team, under her leadership as a team captain, also trained at 1TO1’s Youth Training facility (MAX Youth Performance & Fitness) located in Great Falls, Virginia. Allison now works with a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC in the field of wildlife conservation.

Here’s what Allison told us about her 1TO1 experience:

“1TO1 provided me with training that was unique to me because the programs were designed specifically for me and my needs as an athlete. The trainers pushed me in a way that got me into better physical shape, but never compromised my body by doing movements that were dangerous and could lead to injury. I was able to use my training from 1TO1 in every sport I played in high school and carry over the work ethic and high physical standards I learned from them into college. 1TO1 also helped me recondition after two significant ankle injuries and my ankles got even stronger than they were before I injured them, plus my body got back into proper alignment so that I was able to continue playing lacrosse. I continued these programs throughout all four years of my collegiate career as a lacrosse player. The 1TO1 trainers supplemented my college workouts with their own exercises that got me in the best physical shape possible. The staff was more than accommodating in getting me into the gym while I was only home for short amounts of time and they created specialized exercises that were unique to my sport that gave me an edge up on the competition while I was on the field.”