Michelle has been a 1TO1 client for almost 12 years. Like many 1TO1 Champions, Michelle has found a way to succeed in the corporate world, raise children, and keep herself in great shape. Michelle is an economist with the global consulting firm Charles River Associates, with offices across the US and in Europe, and specializes in competition issues.

Here’s what Michelle has to say about her training at 1TO1:

“1TO1 has become an incredibly important part of my life.  I believe that I am overall healthier than I would be without it.  Even though I am getting old (and I refuse to say how old), I am physically strong and have good endurance. I do not feel intimidated by any kind of physical activity and there are many activities (like snow shoveling) that I can do safely and with better form as a result of my 1TO1 training. 1TO1 trainers are knowledgeable and creative.  They continue to teach me how to perform each exercise with proper form, but at the same time provide new and different exercises that keep me interested and challenged. I never do the same routine, it always changes and it is always interesting.”