Donna is the Executive Director of Generations United, a Washington, DC based non-profit organization. Donna came to 1TO1 with the intention of working with a personal trainer for three months to help her start an exercise program. Thirteen years later Donna tells us:

“It’s evolved over the years, pushing me harder and harder, as well as addressing any physical issues that pop up. This keeps me coming back. At first I had some back issues so focusing on my core was critical. The trainers have helped me reach my goals each year from climbing Machu Picchu to losing and maintaining my weight to being in the best shape I can be when I hit a decade birthday. It’s also been key to reducing stress in the midst of a crazy DC schedule. The trainers are fantastic and my gym lady buddies are the best. We’ve become lifelong friends and never would have met if we hadn’t connected in the locker room. There’s a valued sense of community with both the trainers and clients”. 

Donna we are very proud of you for getting yourself into such great shape and we also love the gym camaraderie that great clients like you help create. Thank you!