Dr. Ed has been a 1TO1 client for nearly 14 years. Ed is a PhD physicist with The MITRE Corporation and does consulting work for various government agencies in the area of technology management.  

We asked Ed what he likes about his personal training at 1TO1, and here’s what he told us:

“The ‘personal’ part.  The fact that the trainers actually pay attention to me, and not just while I’m there training.  They know me, they know about me, they know about my personal joys and stresses, and they care.  And the fact that they are also extremely competent as trainers doesn’t hurt either!”

And when asked what he feels he gets out of his 1TO1 training, Ed told us:

“…when I started with you I was a fairly “unphysical” kind of person beginning to slide past middle age.  I am now approaching 75 and my body has never been stronger or more limber, and to a great extent I owe that to you.  I also have garnered many “Ooohs” and “Aahhs” at the couple of high school class reunions that I have attended over the past several years from those “old people” who only remembered me as a thin, scrawny, un-athletic, nerdy little kid.  I think I amazed some of them!  Thanks 1TO1!!”

Well Ed, you amaze us too! We respect your dedication to your health and fitness and we greatly appreciate you giving us some of the credit, but really it’s all yours.