Rick has been a 1TO1 Champion for over seven years and trains at our Metro Center facility. Rick is a commercial real estate executive with the global commercial real estate firm Savills-Studley, Inc., and Rick’s dedication to health and fitness started long before he became a 1TO1 client.

Rick has been an athlete his entire life. His passion was downhill skiing until he moved to the east coast and took up competitive cycling. Rick competed as an elite amateur for 24 years, amassing 15 regional championships, numerous victories in open racing, trips to national and international competitions, and records in 10 and 25 mile races (one of which still stands). Years of highly competitive racing took a toll on Rick’s body. About ten years ago he suffered a fall that resulted in a fractured vertebrae and accompanying fluid, bone chips and constant pain – all which put a damper on his cycling. Then in 2008 Rick began training at 1TO1 Fitness.

“I was losing muscle tone, and the nagging injuries from a 4 decade quest of cycling were catching up with me. I’d lost flexibility, fitness, and weight was becoming a problem…The trainers and physical therapists have been key in diagnosis and treatment…As a result of these efforts over the past 7 years, I’m 15 pounds lighter, my fitness is returning, and my cycling mileage is increasing…personal training gave me the motivation and opportunity to up my game.  Every training session is different, I could train for 30 years and not get bored…The challenge is constant…I owe so much to the resurgence of my interest in cycling, and the joys of the open road, to 1TO1, and the dedicated and knowledgeable trainers and support staff make this happen week after week.”

Well Rick, we are very happy and grateful that we are able to help you. You are certainly an inspiration for us all!