How to Incorporate Periodization into your Workout Routine

How to Incorporate Periodization into your Workout Routine - 1TO1 Fitness

Periodization is a strategy that you can use when gearing up for a particular performance. Going into a sports season, you’ll train hard throughout the season, and then taper off as you come back down out of the season. For example, the US Women’s Soccer Team is now in a down phase, coming off of their championship win. They’re not preparing for anything immediately.

For most general fitness programs, and that applies to the majority of us as adults, life periodizes us. If we’re lucky, we only get sick once a year. If we’re lucky, we take two vacations a year, and may also train less during the holiday season. If there’s a crisis at work, we might train less. So in our experience in a year, most people, no matter how consistent they try to be, still have 4-5 individual weeks where they experience down phases in their training. What we recommend is to be as consistent and as diligent as you can, because life is going to get in the way and periodize your training schedule for you.