How Hard Should I Push Myself During My Workout?

How Hard Should I Push Myself During My Workout - 1to1 Fitness

by: Pat McCloskey, Director of Training and Education

Many clients ask: How hard should I be pushing myself during a workout? While there is no exact answer for that, we firmly believe that what you do *in* the gym should always make you feel better *outside* of the gym.

And that really applies to the intensity that you’re providing during your session, whether it be cardiovascular work or weight training – or even flexibility work, because  that can be overly aggressive at times as well. Some days, you’ll feel up to putting forth a maximum effort. Look for those days, they are great. Other days, you may be feeling the effects of a poor night’s sleep or perhaps stress at work. On those days, take yourself through a more moderate session and make yourself feel better. You’ll be grateful for it.