Facility Consulting

1TO1 FITNESS helps real estate developers, hotels, corporations and country clubs plan, design, program and operate impressive and functional fitness amenities that add maximum value to the entire property/organization and thoroughly impress tenants/guests/employees/members.

Great amenities contribute to the success of great real estate development projects, including commercial office, residential and hotel; and there is no amenity more important than the fitness center. Long gone are the days where a room with cardio machines and a universal gym are acceptable. Consumers are becoming increasingly more health and wellness conscious, and are not only attracted to but expect a fitness amenity that is a reflection of the caliber and quality of the property, that is motivational, and that is conducive to a variety of exercise styles and preferences.

Awe inspiring fitness centers are more than just amenities; they are features of great development projects, with appealing architecture, creative space planning, motivational and functional lighting, flooring and finishes, and user friendly exercise spaces conducive to a variety of exercise activities. These feature fitness amenities are not only selling points for prospective tenants, residents or guests; they become highly utilized, appreciated and valued features that contribute to the long term success of the project by not only attracting but helping retain tenants, residents and guests for years to come.

Too often developers rely only on architects and fitness equipment vendors for exercise equipment recommendations and layouts. However, while architects can provide insightful and inspiring design, they may lack the operational knowledge to include ideal and functional space allocations within the facility; and while equipment vendors know all the latest product lines and features, the more equipment they sell the greater their reward. All too often fitness amenities end up with too much equipment that takes up too much space and required more money than necessary.

1TO1 helps developers by working with their architect and equipment vendors, assuring that facility design, space planning and equipment selection and layouts are functional, economic and operationally ideal. In addition to contributing to design, equipment selection and layout, 1TO1 can provide various levels of staffing and high quality tenant/resident/guest services, based on the desired programming and economics of the development project. Such staffing can often be user supported and thus achieved with minimal or no cost to the project.

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