Arm Circle Variations Using the Egoscue Method

Arm Circle Variations Using the Egoscue Method - 1TO1 Fitness

Here’s an exercise to counter some of the heavier pushups and overhead press work that you might be doing while you’re at home, during quarantine or colder winter months. We call it an arm circle, which actually comes to us from the Egoscue Method, the preeminent group in terms of posture correction. This move is really effective in helping to reset your thoracic spine after a hard set of pushups. It will have you walking around with better posture and better breathing as a result.

For this move, your arms are out and down, just a little bit before horizontal. You’ll make what we call a “golfer’s fist”. When the thumbs are forward, you’ll draw an eight-inch circle forward and your job is to oscillate the arms, which provides a little perturbation. It makes your body want to wobble, but try to  hold steady…  keep your quads tight, holding steady to resist the wobble.

The feel factor is going to be in your shoulders, though you’ll also feel the muscles in your lower back. When in doubt, err backwards a bit. You want a nice tall posture. Begin with sets of 20 as a good starting point.