Get strong, get lean, increase endurance, improve movement quality and ability, and have fun!

G45 Small Group Personal Training classes give you the benefits of our personal training plus the camaraderie and fun of working out with friends! G45 sessions include a variety of full-body exercises designed to strengthen all muscle groups and movement patterns, condition the cardiovascular system, and help you burn fat at an accelerated pace.  Special attention is given to each client to ensure they are achieving an ideal training intensity, training to his or her threshold without going too far. You leave feeling exhausted but exhilarated — and looking forward to your next workout!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does G45 compare to one-on-one personal training?
    One-on-one personal training clients are taken through an exercise regimen tailored specifically for them. G45 workouts are designed to be appropriate for a small group of clients to do at the same time, while each client is taught exercise modifications that will enable them to increase or decrease the level of intensity based on their fitness level. G45 classes provide clients with individual attention and individually tailored training intensities, while also enjoying the energy, fun and motivation of training with others.
  • Can anyone do G45 Small Group Training?
    Clients who have acute injuries or medical conditions may be better served with one-on-one personal training. Athletes interested in general conditioning will enjoy amazing benefits from G45 training. Those athletes who wish to train to enhance a very specific skill or set of movement patterns may also want to participate in one-on-one personal training.
  • How do G45 classes compare to traditional group exercise classes?
    The similarities between G45 training and traditional group exercise classes are the energy, camaraderie, friendships and fun. However the group size is much smaller and G45 training is much more similar to personal training than it is to most group fitness classes. We also are not choreographed to music, as our personal trainers are highly involved in the workout of each client and will be working with them individually throughout the session.
  • How does G45 training compare to CrossFit?
    G45 training, like CrossFit, includes whole-body functional movements and does not use many traditional health club machines. However, G45 does not have a similar emphasis on many of the traditional Olympic Lifts that are at the core of a Crossfit workout. Olympic Weightlifting is a sport in and of itself, and the Olympic Lifts can be dangerous for individuals who have not mastered the specific lifts and skills necessary to safely perform those moves. For those who want the high intensity that CrossFit is known for, but an emphasis on many fantastic whole body functional strength exercises other than the traditional Olympic Lifts, G45 training is your best choice.

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