At One To One, we know that every single client is a unique individual. We work with busy corporate executives, retired seniors, clients with special medical conditions, elite athletes, recreational athletes, complete non-athletes, clients who are extremely fit and participate in a wide variety of activities, clients who have never exercised before — and many others in between.

For this reason, no two clients’ personal training sessions are alike. Your workout is not only tailored to your goals, but to your past experience, medical considerations, time and scheduling needs, and motivation level. Our first step with any new or potential client is to simply to sit down with you to get to know you. We’ll determine all of the criteria above, before you even decide if you would like to become a One To One client.

Next, we’ll take you through a few sample One To One personal training sessions, also before you even decide if you would like to become a regular client. These trial sessions will give you an opportunity to experience One To One personal training, and will also give us the opportunity to assess your current fitness level, posture, movement capacity, strength, flexibility and endurance — and to show you what we would recommend for you.

Once you have completed this introductory process, you’ll decide if you would like to continue with One To One. You will be under no obligation to continue and you will not be subject to any aggressive sales pressure. We believe that our sincere desire to help our clients, along with our expertise and the tremendously high caliber of our service, will all sell themselves. Our hope is that you will allow us to continue training you and that you will become another of our highly valued and appreciated clients.

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