Max Custom Team Training

We will custom design a Pre-Season, In-Season, or Post-Season conditioning plan (eight to twelve weeks of one, two, or three sessions per week) based on the specific needs of your team. Relevant variables include the specific sport, age group, practice and/or game schedule, and the coach’s objectives and input. We provide Custom Team Training for Club and High School teams for sports such as Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and others. We can accommodate up to 16 athletes in our Custom Team Training classes.

  • MAX Power
    These sessions are designed to increase an athlete’s capacity to be explosive and powerful.  This translates to greater force production in athletic movements such as swinging, throwing, jumping, hitting, etc. as well as greater speed, agility and quickness.After addressing postural alignment and mobility, tensile and explosive strength training methods will be used to improve movement mechanics (including accelerating, stopping, cutting, running, jumping, swinging, throwing, etc.) and to enhance tendon and joint integrity, stability and range of motion.  By expanding and strengthening an athlete’s multi-directional “power sphere,” he/she will be more resilient to injury, have more geographic impact on the field or court, and find athletic movements and demands easier and more potent.
  • MAX Endurance
    These sessions are designed to improve ones ability to maintain power output capacity throughout the entirety of a game or match. After addressing players’ postural alignment and mobility, multi-plane and multi-directional movements will be sustained throughout the training session with active recovery (versus the inactive recovery used in strength or power development training).